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Janus; Printing to AppleTalk LaserWriter on MacIvory?

First, Janus:  I recently downloaded this little public-domain Mac
program from Usenet, and with modest hacking through the wilds of
SYS:HARDCOPY;LGP2, I was able to get it to turn my Mac SE's serial port
into a gateway from our Symbolics print spooler to our AppleTalk
LaserWriter.  I mention this because you might want to do something
similar, in order to get the use of an extra printer.

But while I was doing this, I was thinking how stupid the whole
arrangement was, considering that we have a couple MacIvories.  Why
can't I arrange to print from them to an AppleTalk printer?  The manuals
seem to indicate that the printer has to be connected directly to the
Mac's serial port.  Has anyone solved this one?  (This seems so simple
that it may have been covered here before, but I don't find it in my
archives, so apologies if this is repetitious.)

-- Rich Brandau
GTE Laboratories