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connection between Symbolics and explorer

I have a problem while trying to connect my symbolics to an explorer through
Chaosnet: when i try to edit a file lying on the explorer, or to do anything
equivalent, with the following command:

edit file vasco:gabriel;login-init.lisp

I get the following error:

Error: "" is an invalid name component for vasco-de-gama (a LISPM host).


(flavor:method :validate-component pathname)
   Arg1:  (SELF): #P"VASCO:FOO"
   Arg2:  (SYS:SELF-MAPPING-TABLE): #<Map to flavor PATHNAME 220076153>
   Arg4:  (FS:TEST-ARG): ""
   Arg5:  (FS:TEST-ARG-LOC): #<DTP-LOCATIVE 255405216>
   Arg10: (FS:PRETTY-NAME): "name component"
... (various actions).

Clerarly, the symbolics understood that the explorer is a lisp machine
but was unable to handle correctly its pathnames. I tried to supply a
pathname with the LFMS syntax, but I got the same error. The only
difference was in the error message: the machine was recognized as an
explorer host.

The same thing happens when I try to log in the explorer with the

LOGIN toto :host vasco-de-gama

  In the other direction (from explorer to symbolics) there is no
problem to connect, log in (or out) and manipulate files.

  What must I do in order to be able to access to the explorer ?

  Emmanuel Baechler
  AI LAB / Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology