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Was Forwarding; Now Domains

Date: Fri, 28 Apr 89 13:58 EDT
From: Len Moskowitz <Len@HEART-OF-GOLD>
Subject: Was Forwarding; Now Domains
To: "3077::IN%\"slug@warbucks.ai.sri.COM\""@TSD1
In-Reply-To: Your message of 26 Apr 89 08:43 EDT
Message-ID: <19890428175839.7.LEN@HEART-OF-GOLD>
We send our InterNet mail from our Symbolics via DNA.  We've played some
interesting games with mail addresses.  No promises but you  might try
the following:
If EXOS is a demon try:
	EXOS%"user_name@host.domain" @ VAX_host
The Vax host should be in the Symbolics namespace and should run the DNA
server software provided with the DNA product.
If EXOS is a demon on a DECnet host that is not locally accessible (call
it "A") you might try "poor man's" routing:
	"A::EXOS%\"user_name@host.domain\"" @ VAX_host
Note the backslashes.  Without them, the mailer address parser will
Good luck.
Len Moskowitz
                                                   Allied-Signal Aerospace
moskowitz@bendix.com (CSnet)                       Test Systems Division
moskowitz%bendix.com@relay.cs.net (ARPAnet)        Mail code 4/8
arpa!relay.cs.net!bendix.com!moskowitz (uucp)      Teterboro, NJ 07608