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Re: FEP-Tape system

[Part of the reason I'm replying to this is that the sender's address was not
valid so most people wouldn't know how to reply to him.]

    Date: Mon, 1 May 89 13:40:15 pdt

    Date: Sun, 30 Apr 89 02:27 EDT
    From: Ragosa <ragosa@PLUTO>
    Subject: FEP-Tape system
    To: "bcsaic::\"slug@ai.sri.com\""@psyche
    Message-ID: <19890430062715.7.RAGOSA@PLUTO>
    Will the FEP-Tape system back up the LMFS system (lmfs.file)? We don't
    keep much on our LMFS's here, and it would be nice to back them up when
    the FEP gets backed up. We tried this, but the FEP-Tape system yelled
    that the file was locked by another user.
You don't want to try to copy the LMFS.FILE partitions while the LMFS is
active.  It's active any time you have opened a file in it (and maybe on
cold boot?).  If I want to fool with the whole LMFS, I warm boot the machine
(which leaves the LMFS closed) and then do whatever with it.  (Most of the
time I've only done band transfers of it to another machine when I needed
to make a quick, temporary backup.  I've never tried to use the FEP-Tape
system on it but I can't see why it wouldn't work.)

P.S.  Of course for our main file server, there is little sense in trying to
do anything with the set of partitions as they are approaching 1 gigabyte.