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FEP-Tape system

    Date: Mon, 1 May 89 19:16 EDT
    From: Reti@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Kalman Reti)

	Date: Sun, 30 Apr 89 02:27 EDT
	From: Ragosa <ragosa@PLUTO>
	Subject: FEP-Tape system
	Will the FEP-Tape system back up the LMFS system (lmfs.file)? 
    Yes and no.  It will if LMFS isn't running.  If you have a standalone site,
    its normally pretty hard for LMFS not to be running.
								      We don't
	keep much on our LMFS's here, and it would be nice to back them up when
	the FEP gets backed up. We tried this, but the FEP-Tape system yelled
	that the file was locked by another user.
     Because LMFS was in use.  If you don't have a standalone site and use
    (SI:LOGIN-TO-SYS-HOST) after booting, you should be able to back up the

    Notice that it couldn't work to do this while LMFS was running, because the
    contents that the FEP file dumper would see might be inconsistent and the
    resulting LMFS unusuable.

You can use the undocumented interface lmfs:lmfs-warm-initialization to
shut down your LMFS (someone earlier suggested warm booting; this is the
function that gets run and it is less traumatic to simply invoke it).
Of course, the next time any attempt is made to reference a LMFS file,
the filesystem "partition" will be re-opened.  Thus you must avoid
writing log files or otherwise disturbing the LMFS until the LMFS FEP
file has been copied to tape.