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A technical question that isn't about networking!

    Date: Thu, 4 May 89 02:53 EDT
    From: miller@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU (Brad Miller)
    I've always wondered the following:
    When you do a edit callers on a DEFSUBST (e.g. something generated by
    DEFSTRUCT, like MAKE-FOO) Zmacs gives you a warning like:
    "by the way, MAKE-FOO is a SUBST, there may be other "callers" of it."
    The question is:
     is it only talking about callers of the SUBST for MAKE-FOO, or callers of
    MAKE-FOO (as a string) itself? 

My belief, which may be incorrect, is that that warning is a leftover from
Release 5 (when List Callers was implemented differently) and means nothing
at all.  So the answer to your question would be "neither".  There really
are cases where List Callers can fail to find all the callers (for instance
if you only enabled who-calls in incremental mode when you built your site
world; and for macros or substs that contain a declaration that disables
recording them in the who-calls database), but I don't think the code that
generates that warning is even aware of those possibilities.

To answer your question, back in Release 5 that warning meant that not
all callers of the function would be found, but didn't affect references
to the symbol other than function calls.  I don't know what you mean
by "as a string" as List Callers has never dealt with strings.