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ECO patches cause Incrementals to be twice as big.

Anyone else found this to be true?  Our scenario is as described below:

The difference we see is between optimized incremental saves on the
genera 7.2 distribution world and optimized incremental saves on an
optimized (using si:full-gc) complete save with eco's.

1) Genera7-2.load -> inc-save-1 -> inc-save-2


2) Genera7-2.load -> complete-save-1 (including site info and eco patches only) -> inc-save-1 -> inc-save-2

Where inc-save-1 and inc-save-2 in 2 are about twice the size of
inc-save-1 and inc-save-2 in 1, respectively.

I have contacted customer-reports on this point and it has been
suggested that I try not optimizing the Incrementals.  Anyone else have
any suggestions/solutions?