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SLUG-89 porting panel

At SLUG-89 I will be chairing a panel discussion on Integration Solutions
to porting code.   The idea is to share the experiences of people who
have ported programs from the Symbolics Genera environment to other
platforms (other machines, operating systems, languages).
We are aiming to combine (1) presentations by users with extended experience
with (2) contributions and participation from the audience.
	Regarding (1):  We could use some more speakers, in particular with
experience in the following areas:
porting objects to other environments;
using the Symbolics for non-lisp coding;
moving to c environments;
use of CLOE;   any suggestions, and in particular, any VOLUNTEERS would be
most welcome.
	Regarding (2): Come prepared to contribute any experiences you
had in this area.

This panel will not deal too heavily in the issue of porting user
interfaces, as that will be the subject of another panel to be chaired
by Paul Pangaro <slug-president@ai.sri.com> -  suggestions to him.

Joe Karnicky