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RE to RE: Connection between Symbolics and Explorer

>Where did you get the software to support Explorer pathnames on the
>Symbolics?  There is probably more than one extant version of this,
>and the exact details of your problem will depend on just which one
>you have.

>-- Scott

I didn't had any software. I just put the explorer in our namespace
with the symbol 'EXPLORER' as machine and system type, with its chaos
address and services using chaos. My friend did the same on its explorer.
He is perfectly able to access our symbolics for remote connection or
for file access. For me it is more difficult: I can access its explorer
by telnet but I am unable to access to their files.

  That question of connection raises an important problem which has, in
part, already been discussed: As soon as someone knows our address on a
given network, he can acess our machines and do what he wants and we
can't do anything. So the solution "Close your door !" to ensure a
minimal security is perfectly insufficient. Cutting ourself from the
networks is unpossible: our machines must be able to communicate
between each other and must must also communicates with machines of other
labs. The creation of a minimal security system (controlling remote
connections and file acess) should be at a very high priority in the
developpment of all lisp machines in order to provide any further

E. Baechler