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Consoles and Displays

   Our consoles seem to be the weakest links in our systems.  A majority
   of our service calls are console-related.  Is this true for anyone else?
   ...							We've attempted
   to relieve the edge/corner distortion by having our field service tech
   shrink the display size down just a bit, so that there is a black
   surround (ala Sun).  For a typical Genera screen (like a Dynamic Lisp
   Listener), this gives us a black surround outside of a white surround
   outside of the border for the screen.
   This is a bit busy.  We tried to get rid of the inner white surround by
   entering Function-C followed by Function-c-C.  This looks better, but
   Len Moskowitz

Have you tried:
    (tv:set-screen-options :background-gray :black)
This sets the screen margins (the part which is part of the screen's raster
but outside of any normal window) to black.

Bruce Miller