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Namespaces, etc.

Thanks to the helpful information provided by several people, I now know
how to turn on the Internet-subnet-mask for TCP-IP, so that gatewaying
works fine. 
   Now I'd like to rebuild my world: I want to throw away most of the (very
outdated) stuff in my namespace, delete all the old logfiles and changes
files, and create one pure, pristine version of the namespace. This should
be saved as math-lisp-objects.1, and I'll start making new changes from there. 
   My question: How do I do this? What files need to *not* be present when I
boot up the original distribution world, and how do I say "This file is
the objects file" without using the namespace editor, and hence creating
the objects one-at-a-time. 
   My fear is that this may be a complex question. If someone is willing to
help, but not eager to type, just send me a phone number and I can call.
-John Hughes
Math Department
Brown University