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Problem with dw:accepting-values

Here is an example how I use dw:accepting-values (simplified):

(dw:accepting-values (*query-io* :own-window t
                                 :temporary-p t)
  (accept 'integer :prompt "Prompt" :default 123))

My problem is that I switch sometimes to another application using the
select-key while I am in accepting-values.  If I am not in the middle
of typing a new number, everything is fine, accepting-values is
aborted.  Otherwise, if I come back to my application,
accepting-values is still active but the window is not exposed.  My
application waits for the result of accepting-values so that I have to
select the accept window from the system menu before I can continue.
This is definitely not the expected behavior.  It would be best if
accepting-values is aborted in any case.  If that is not possible, the
accept window should be exposed and selected when I come back to my

Are there arguments for accept or accepting-values to change that
unexpected behavior?  Or is it a bug without a solution?  Any help
will be appreciated.

Andreas Girgensohn