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    Date: Mon, 15 May 89 15:34 EDT
    From: miller@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU (Brad Miller)

1    I have a question: I returned my preregistration form a couple weeks ago
    (immediately on reciept) and still haven't gotten full registration
    material. Yet, it's now past the "advance registration" discount, so my
    institution is going to end up paying almost $100. more than it otherwise
    would have; and this is the sort of numbers that can make or break the trip!

0Be calm. Returning the pre-registration form by the deadline of 12 May
gives you the cheaper conference rates. This will be completely clear
when you get back the final registration info, which should be late this
week or early next. Sorry it was not more clear.

1    But wait: there's still more! I just called HOJO cambridge, as listed in the
    general information, and they know nothing about the SLUG conference, and
    accordingly aren't offering a discount?!

0This 2is0 a puzzlement and I will check on it tomorrow. If you are in a
rush, please call Shelanski Associats at 215-922-5757 who made the
arrangement with Howard Johnsons --- for that is what I will do in the
morning, to see what is what.

1    Is this for real? 

0I got this message via e-mail --- is it for real?