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    Date: Mon, 15 May 89 23:46 EDT
    From: pan@Athena.Pangaro.Dialnet.Symbolics.Com (Paul Pangaro)

	Date: Mon, 15 May 89 15:34 EDT
	From: miller@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU (Brad Miller)

[Previous question about hotel accommodations in Cambridge about SLUG-89:]

1        But wait: there's still more! I just called HOJO cambridge, as listed in the
        general information, and they know nothing about the SLUG conference, and
        accordingly aren't offering a discount?!

0I phoned HoJo today at 617-492-7777 and was told without difficulty that
there were rooms available for SLUG. It is beyond their "release date"
(hotels are not generous with such things) so if they need the rooms for
full-price customers, there will not be space. If you act soon, there is
space without question.

Maybe they thought you were saying "PLUG Conference", the Paralyzed LISP
Users' Group --- you know, the ones who say they dont need
hardware-assisted, ephemeral garbage collection...