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press releases -- comments

	I agree that the price of the model 2 seems high, but that is
hardly surprising.  Every new machine with an upgrade option that I've
ever seen has been priced significantly above the older machine.
Generally the prices tend to fall as the older machine gets phased out
of production.  They've got to have some way to get rid of the model 1's
they have and gradually phase out production.  I thought the special
upgrade offer to recent buyers was considerate (and in line with current
	I'm especially pleased to see that they are talking about
providing pure software solutions.  It appears that they will eventually
have a wide but compatible product line spanning low end to high end
cost/performance in Lisp environments.
	I don't understand your objection (or perceived balking) about
paying for faster cache memory.  Perhaps it is only that it might be
possible to get fast memory elsewhere for less?  Whether cache memory is
involved or not, the difference between model 1 and model 2 is increased
speed.  In other words, don't say you're buying faster cache, say you're
buying a faster system.
	I, too, am in the dark about CLOS plans.  Earlier this year I
returned Symbolics' questionnaire which essentially asked me what I
wanted them to do, But I haven't seen any announcement of their
immediate plans.  The language used here supports the idea that they
will eventually support it in full.  I would like to know whether they
intend to rewrite any, some, most or all of their environment and
applications in CLOS, and what approach they are likely to take.

  -- Paul Vaughan