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press releases -- comments

    Date: Thu, 18 May 89 15:32 CDT
    From: vaughan@MCC.COM (Paul Vaughan)


	    I don't understand your objection (or perceived balking) about
    paying for faster cache memory.  Perhaps it is only that it might be
    possible to get fast memory elsewhere for less?  Whether cache memory is
    involved or not, the difference between model 1 and model 2 is increased
    speed.  In other words, don't say you're buying faster cache, say you're
    buying a faster system.


      -- Paul Vaughan

The objection of the users at the SLUG-DC meeting was indeed that it
seemed like a lot of money just for faster cache (since, remember the
MacIvorys in the field were to be upgraded to the new chip anyway) ---
and, maybe, if users knew what the chips were, they could take a
soldering iron to it....?

The simple benefit of Symbolics upgrading to the improved chip without
cost was not acknowleged at the time.

I have learned since my original message that as it turns out (and as I
am not surprised to learn) there is more to the difference between mode
1 and model 2 than the Ivory chip Rev and a bit of cache. I am told,
unofficially, that a number of things have to change to take advantage
of the additional speed, and that the two boards are somewhat different.
This does justify the additional cost of the model 2, and shows that in
fact Symbolics is not trying to make an un-earned profit --- as
you say, the model 2 is a faster "system", and hence is worth more. As
another respondent said, the model 1 will still be around for the
price-sensitive applications, while the model 1 fills a need to speed
sensitive ones.

I hope (and fully expect) that Symbolics will provide a full, technical
explanation of the differences between model 1 and model 2. Thereby the
full and accurate story will become available (after all, press releases
are only one perspective on a complex matter), and, I hope, the on-going
and timely dialog that e-mail allows will continue.