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press releases -- comments

    First, it think it is excellent that information from the Symbolics'
    press release is being made available via e-mail. Second, it creates the
    unprecedented potential for dialogue on the state and future of the
    company, and for feedback to Symbolics.
Here, Here (or is it hear, hear?)

        Scheduled to be available for delivery in volume in 90 days, the MacIvory 
        model 2 upgrade package for Macintosh II/IIx systems ...

    We were told by our salesrep, in a local meeting of SLUG here in DC
    yesterday, that the "model 2" (lower case as shown) is faster because it
    is the first Mac to contain the newer Ivory chip (Rev 2B) 2and0 because it
    contains faster cache ...
    We were also told that MacIvorys already in the field would ultimately
    be upgraded in the field by customer service to Rev 2B, because some
    minor problems (e.g., logic variables) are fixed in the new chip. ...

    ...  was that the "model 2" seemed quite high in price. ...
    Is the cost differential justified technically?

    [... Lots of back and forth speculation ...]
I am very glad that Symbolics posts the press releases, and enjoy the discussions and
debates that these provoke.  But given the amount of experience that most of the people
on this list have and the typical vagueness of press releases, these releases tend to
provoke a lot of wild speculation as well.  All the more so because the release is 
somewhat dramatic and vindicates the idea that the design of Ivory gives symbolics
a natural path for improvements.

It would be nice if Reza or somebody at Symbolics could prepare a more technical version
of the press releases for our consumption.

Also, the upgrade of the MacIvory provokes speculation on the XL400 (on my part at least,
since we've got one on order).  Will new XL400's already contain the new chip? If not,
will there be an upgrade? If so, when & $? etc etc etc.

	it will support the Common Lisp Object System ...
    There have been questions from the user community about CLOS; is there a
    comprehensive statement that is more technical, about the future of CLOS
    and Symbolics, especially Symbolics layered products?
Yes and in particular; when? 
BTW: Is there a more or less `final' document for CLOS, especially one containing the
infamous ``Inner chapters''?  Where can I get it (FTP?)
Bruce Miller