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The meta chapters

        BTW: Is there a more or less `final' document for CLOS, especially one containing the
        infamous ``Inner chapters''?  Where can I get it (FTP?)
    ARISIA.XEROX.COM:/pcl/doc/ contains the TeX source for Chapters 1 and 2
    of the CLOS specification.
    "Inner chapters"?  There are three chapters: ...
    I suspect you are referring to chapter 3.  The meta-object protocol is
    still under revision, and is not likely to be included in the first
    version of the ANSI standard.
Yes actually I was. Sorry about my perverse sense of humor.  The `Inner Chapters'
refers to what should be the more obscure Taoist writings by Chuang Tse (actually, I 
find it to be the most accessible and quite humorous, but maybe *I'm* obscure)

anyway, thanks..
Bruce Miller