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Re: press releases -- comments

    Date: Thu, 18 May 89 23:20 EDT
    From: pan@Athena.Pangaro.Dialnet.Symbolics.Com (Paul Pangaro)

Symbolics pricing etc. vs. UNIX world looks a whole lot like Apple vs. IBM
on PCs. Sure, apple can overprice for a while, but IBM sw is catching up,
the IBM market is a lot bigger, and all the developers are moving there. I
expect the same to happen with lispms in the next couple years if Symbolics
doesn't start competing headon PRICEwise with the better lisp environments
(e.g. Allegro CL) running on RISC machines (10k or less for a DECstation
S3100, Sparcstation, etc. plus about a k for CL). Diminishing returns, guys.