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Monitor failure when case is on...

OK...I was hoping someone might have had the same problem and knew how to
fix it...


When my monitor (a Philips) is fully assembled, it won't work.  I turn on
the power, I hear the electrons flow 8-), but the screen won't come up, and
the red LEDs (that normally say FOO at startup) are black.  Every once in
a while, I'll hear some kind of electrical "pop" (more like a click) and the
monitor will brighten for half a second, and the red LED's will flash.  The
sound is not unlike a sudden capacitor discharge, or a static shock.

So, I take the top cover and right side of the monitor off (we just
gave up our hardware contract, figures) and the thing works like a charm.
Put the case back on, and the problem reappears.

The problem is NOT related to temp.

I tried turning off the light to see if there was some shorting going
on, but I saw nothing.

If anyone has had this happen to them, and remembers what the prob was,
I'd be greatful for the info.

I'm using Genera v7.2  8-)

1READ THIS:  Do NOT mess with the inside of your monitor unless you are
confident of your ability to handle LOTS OF VOLTAGE.  BE CAREFUL.

0					Thanx,


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