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*MORE* in cold-load-stream


Does anyone know how you can switch off more-processing in the
cold-load-stream? When you load a lot of patches via the initialization-
lists, and you give some indication as to what is loaded, you may end
up with a screenful of comments to patches. The system then gets
stuck on *MORE*, and if you don't give a space in time, you often end
up with a broken file-connection. And a space beforehand doesn't work
either. Somewhere in the system there must be a way to switch this
more-processing off, if something is implemented to switch it on??


Geert Adriaens (SIEMENS-METAL Project)
Maria Theresiastraat 21              siegeert@kulcs.uucp or
B-3000 Leuven                        siegeert@blekul60.bitnet or
tel: ..32 16 285091                  siegeert@cs.kuleuven.ac.be