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Backup via Chaos

    Date: Fri, 26 May 89 13:23 EDT
    From: barmar@think.com (Barry Margolin)

	Date: Thu, 25 May 89 22:48 EDT
	From: pan@athena.pangaro.dialnet.symbolics.com (Paul Pangaro)

	Anybody have or thought of a hack that would automatically backup files
	from one system (i.e., lispm with disk) to another? I would still make
	occasional tapes, but why not do it disk to disk more frequently than
	that?  Hints or ideas where to look for patching something (Dump Tape?)
	also welcome.


    We used to use such a scheme.  Remind me before SLUG, and I'll make a
    tape for you.  The code may need a little work, as it hasn't been used
    since 7.0 (and it's kind of crufty to begin with).  We used to use it to
    do a nightly incremental backup of the important hierarchies on our

We have a scheme here too, that we use to keep our source hiearchies between
zermatt and reagan consistent.  It runs both incrementally and in a nightly
background mode.  It only does newest versions of files, and is poorly
documented, but I'm sending you a copy so that you can look it over.