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Symbolics backup to UNIX host

    Date: Fri, 26 May 89 17:30:01 EDT
    From: israel@starbase.mitre.org (Bruce Israel)

    I just got in an Exabyte for my Sun fileserver...
    What I want to be able to do is to do a complete backup of my network of
    symbolics machines onto a single tape of this.

    My most preferred option is where I could run a program on my sun that
    individually goes to each symbolics in order and copies its filesystem onto
    the tape (this may be using an eval server to ask the symbolics to send
    it's disk contents over the net).

As people have already suggested, getting NFS for your Lisp machines and
using TAR to remotely back up the LMFS files is probably your easiest
solution.  A simple script file should automate the process nicely.
Using TAR isn't as good as a real "native" LMFS backup since you will
lose such file properties as the "don't delete" and "file backed-up"
flags, but it does accomplish the primary goal of saving the data and
preserving creation dates.