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To      : Statice users
>From    : Margret van Gaalen, vgaalen@hnykun53.bitnet
Subject : Statice

As a Statice-user-in-pre, I would like to hear from those who have experience
in working with Statice:
        1. for what applications they are building a database
        2. what advantages - they think - Statice has as opposed to relational
           and hierarchical DBMS
        3. how they go about in designing and setting up the entity type
           hierarchy; and in what way the database is easily updated and
           extended (semi-automatically?)
        4. what they think of the performance of a Statice database (what is
           the size of your database)
We will use Statice to build a lexical database in which words, related word
forms and all sorts of information about words will be stored (morphological,
syntactic, phonological).
The database is both to be accessed by human users and application programs
(such as a parser or a grapheme-to-phoneme conversion program).
Unfortunately I cannot be present at the Symbolics "Informationsseminar",
June 26th 1989 in Eschborn - Germany.

                        Margret van Gaalen
                        University of Nijmegen
                        The Netherlands