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Show Directory command strangeness

    Date: Fri, 2 Jun 89 11:13 ADT
    From: Gavin%BALROG.DREA.DND.CA@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Gavin L. Hemphill)

    Does anyone know how the "show directory" command determines whether to
    use the "LIST" or "NLST" commands on a particular machine.  If I do a
    show directory on arisia.xerox.com:/pcl/, I the "LIST" command is used.
    On the other hand if I do a show directory on ncs.dnd.ca:/pub/, the
    "NLST" command is used (tcp:*tcp-ftp-debug-flag* is t to show the
    command used).  In both cases the target machines are running unix and
    the addresses are resolved using the internet domain service.
    I would love to be able to specify which command to use, but the "show
    directory" command does not have any keyword arguments which would
    appear to allow that.

The difference between the two hosts is that arisia.xerox.com has a
:system-type of :UNIX42 while ncs.dnd.ca has a :system-type of :ULTRIX.
The access paths you get are different for the two hosts.  The Unix
TCP-FTP file access path knows to use LIST whereas the default access
path you get for an Ultrix host only uses NLST.  Note, this is different
from the flavor of the host object.  I consider it a bug that you don't
get a unix-tcp-ftp-file-access-path when accessing an Ultrix host.  I'll
add it to my list.