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[MAYBURY@TOPS20.RADC.AF.MIL: Postscript from Mac to Symbolics]

    Date: Fri, 2 Jun 89 14:49 PDT
    From: Mark Maybury <MAYBURY@TOPS20.RADC.AF.MIL>
    Subject: Postscript from Mac to Symbolics
    To: tyson@ai.sri.com


    Sorry, but I tried to send this request to slug-request@r20.utexas.edu
    with no success.  Would you be so kind as to see that it makes it to the 
    slug bb?

The INTEREST-GROUPS listing for SLUG was very much out of date mainly
because the person updating it hadn't done any updating for many, many
months.  I think he has finally updated it.  (Messages meant for the whole
group should be sent to SLUG.  SLUG-REQUEST is only for requests.  Messages
sent to SLUG-ADMIN are usually never seen (that is the address that bounced
mail messages go to).)  The correct address is SLUG@AI.SRI.COM.


    Does anyone know how to get a picture from an application like Macdraw, 
    Macpaint etc to be displayed on a Symbolics?  We would like to do this
    in Concordia.  Can you display postscript or files in other standard Mac 
    formats?  I have dumped postscript from the Symbolics to the Mac but never 
    the other way around.  Please respond to Craig Anken at