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    Date: Mon, 5 Jun 89 10:57:43 EDT
    From: montalvo@crl.dec.com

    Date: Thu, 1 Jun 89 13:47:40 EDT
    From: montalvo@crl.dec.com
    To: SLUG-LIAISON@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com
    Subject: ILLUSTRATE
    Cc: montalvo@crl.dec.com

    ILLUSTRATE is a draw program written by an MIT student and sold by AI
    Architects.  They've quit supporting releases beyond 7.0.  We just
    bought an XL400 that runs release 7.4, and we want to get Illustrate
    for it, Has anyone out there upgraded it to release 7.4?  Could you
    tell me what you had to do?  I can get sources from MIT that go up to
    7.2 (after buying the liscence from AI Architects, of course).  Is it
    just a simple matter of recompiling?  Thanks for any help.


As I mentioned in a private reply [June 3rd] to Fanya, the best bet
would be to reach SLUG individuals who might have experimented with
ILLUSTRATE, since this software is supported neither by Symbolics, nor
by its original vendor [AI Architects].