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Symbolics sales support

    Date: Thu, 08 Jun 89 09:16:09 EDT
    From: bds@mbunix.mitre.org

    I wonder if others are having similar difficulties:

    Since the announcement of the MacIvory upgrade a couple of weeks ago,
    I have called my salesman 4 times to get the details for ordering it.
    Three days ago, I came into work to find that our salesman had finally
    called me after everyone had gone for the day.  I called him back, and
    left yet another message for him.  He has yet to return my call.

    It is getting VERY difficult to justify buying any more Symbolics
    equipment to my management, and this kind of nonsense only serves
    to exacerbate the problem.  We want to give some money to Symbolics,
    but it is apparent that Symbolics doesn't want it.  Believe me,
    there are others out there who are much more accomodating, and
    there are many here who feel that a Sun Sparcstation with SPE1.1/Lucid 3.0
    is a very attractive alternative.

I called your salesman and read him your mail.  He is attempting to call
you now, but we are still having phone problems.  (This facility has
been having intermittent phone problems since we moved in.)  Please let
me know if you don't receive the information you want by Friday June 9,
noon.  I will bring the sales support situation to the sales manager's