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Re: Symbolics sales support

	Date: Thu, 8 Jun 89 10:24 CDT
	From: uunet!MCC.COM!ai.gooch (William D. Gooch)
	Subject: Symbolics sales support
	To: bds@mbunix.mitre.org
	Cc: slug@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM
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	Message-Id: <19890608152425.5.GOOCH@KANGCHENJUNGA.ACA.MCC.COM>
	Status: R

		Believe me,
	    there are others out there who are much more accomodating, and
	    there are many here who feel that a Sun Sparcstation with
	    SPE1.1/Lucid 3.0 is a very attractive alternative.

	That's a whole other set of issues.  I can give you some more specific
	feedback if you're interested (as one who has used some of the SPE bits
	in their earlier incarnation).

Actually, this last issue is one that I'd like more specific feedback
on -- as we're facing serious a LispM or SUN decision point right now.
So I'd welcome details that either you or others on the net might be
able to provide.