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Answering a question with a question

   From: sbrunnoc@hawk.ulowell.edu (Sean Brunnock)
     Things are fine until I try to use GNU emacs. New characters do
   not overwrite old characters thus making it very difficult to edit a 
   file. I must use ^L to rewrite the screen repeatedly.

     The host that I am trying to edit a file upon is a VAX running
   VMS. I am running Genera 7.2 with patches from ECO tape #1.

     I have the UNIX termcap entry for Symbolics computers which
   Hunter Barr posted to comp.lang.lisp. I am not at all familiar
   with the administration of a VMS machine.


All you need to do now is hit <NETWORK>-X and change the "Overstrike"
parameter.  All my termcap entry did was to tell UNIX that the
Symbolics' screen was bigger.  It works fine without it, just using 25
lines at a time like a real VT100.

I wrote some helpful hacks such as making the meta-keys work in
TELNET, but the ECO patches to TELNET bash my hacks-- how can I get
the source code for ECO patches to TELNET so I can re-insert my meta-key

(N.b.: You do not want to run without the ECO patches to TELNET-- it
was agonizingly slow before the patches).