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MacIvory questions

   Date: Mon, 12 Jun 89 11:26:58 pdt
   From: lbaum@atc.boeing.com (Larry Baum)

   2) Is there anyway to shrink the Genera application window, so that
   when I choose another application, e.g. Word, under Multifinder,
   the Ivory windows don't dominate the background so much.

Indeed, this is a pain... Let me know if you find out any way to make
this window disapear...

   3) Whenever I restart my Mac and then run Genera, it always comes
   up with a dialog box saying that enough state has been retained so
   that I can choose to "Restart" (i.e. warm boot) rather than cold
   boot.  This is nice of course.  However, invariably when I choose
   that option, it ends up in the debugger in the cold load stream;
   i.e. just about every active process with a window hits some sort
   of error, like TV:MOUSE-SHEET-P, or TV:READ-CHAR-NOHANG, or some
   such function.  I have to do a lot of hacking to make the warm boot
   succeed.  Any ideas about what is going on?  Any simple thing I can
   do to solve the problem.

We have the same problem here... The only way we found to get around
this problem is by calling :Debug Process Initial Process until the
Lisp Listener window pop up. But it is really a pain. We reported this
problem to Symbolics, but they said they could not reproduce it... I
am happy that we are not the only one experiencing this warmboot problem.

Our feeling here is that the initial process is supposed to setup stuff
like consoles etc... and by some mysterious actions, other processes
using this stuff are restarted before initial process has finished its
task. May be I am  wrong, but getting the Initial Process
running usually solve the problem... 

Unfortunately, we do not have all the sources of 7.4, so it is rather
difficult to figure out exactly what is breaking.

By the way, we are also having problems with drawings which disappear
when we switch from Genera to another Mac application, and back to
Genera (or after the radius screensaver ran).

Except for these small problems... The Mac Ivory is a great machine,
I have really been impressed by the improvement in speed between 7.3
and 7.4 . I am now waiting the new Ivory chip.

   Larry Baum