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MacIvory questions

    Date: Mon, 12 Jun 89 11:26:58 pdt
    From: lbaum@atc.boeing.com (Larry Baum)

    1) When running the Genera application on MacIvory, when one chooses quit from the
    file menu, one always gets a dialog box telling you that Ivory will continue to
    run in the background but will not use any MAc windoews stuff, etc.  I know that
    already.  Is there anyway to set Genera so that the dialog box does not come up.

Not at present.

Would you like to see the query as a configurable item in the 1:Configure
MacIvory Application0 command?

    2) Is there anyway to shrink the Genera application window, so that when I choose
    another application, e.g. Word, under Multifinder, the Ivory windows don't
    dominate the background so much.

Not at present.  

We are considering adding Macintosh sizing boxes to the Genera window or
using some other mechanism to address this issue.

Macintosh System Software 7.0 will also provide the ability to
completely hide the windows of an application like Genera when it's not

    3) Whenever I restart my Mac and then run Genera, it always comes up with a dialog
    box saying that enough state has been retained so that I can choose to "Restart"
    (i.e. warm boot) rather than cold boot.  This is nice of course.  However,
    invariably when I choose that option, it ends up in the debugger in the cold load
    stream; i.e. just about every active process with a window hits some sort of
    error, like TV:MOUSE-SHEET-P, or TV:READ-CHAR-NOHANG, or some such function.  I
    have to do a lot of hacking to make the warm boot succeed.  Any ideas about what
    is going on?  Any simple thing I can do to solve the problem.

What release of Genera are you running?  If you're running 7.4, have you
loaded the ECO #1 tape yet?  Have you sent any bug reports.

    4) How do I save a world and create a Mac icon to boot that world.  Right now I
    always choose the Genera icon which boots boot.boot, so that I always create a new
    version of boot.boot whenever I save a world.  That's fine as long as I only have
    one world I am interested in choosing.  However, I want to be able to select from
    a variety of worlds.  It seems like the most natural way to do that on a Mac would
    be to have an icon for each one.

There's no mechanism at present.  I hope to add the ability to specify
the boot file in the 7.5 time frame.


    Larry Baum
    Advanced Technology Center              
    Boeing Computer Services     uucp:       uw-beaver!bcsaic!lbaum
    (206) 865-3232               internet:   lbaum@atc.boeing.com