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Lisp pathnames for Mac files


I am developing a graphics application on a MacIvory.
The system is capable of converting PICT files to its
own format and display most of them correctly.

I would like to open PICT files from the application
using the Mac's file chooser menu. The Ivory's toolbox
interface provides the function mtb:ez-sfgetfile which
displays the file chooser menu and lets you browse through
the files on connected drives and devices. Unfortunately,
it returns only the chosen file's name, it's type and a
number (which is said to be a vrefnum (Mac terminology)).
My application needs a completely specified pathname,
e.g. "host:MacEric:folder:subfolder:pictfile", to open
the corresponding file (at least I think so).

So: Is there anybody who has written a Lisp program
(or C program on the Mac) that takes a file name and
a vrefnum and returns a pathname (or a list of pathname
components) or is there another way to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Erich Rome
(German National Research Center for Computer Science)
Postfach 1240
D-5205 St.Augustin 1

No, fs:complete-pathname is 1not0 the solution.
Yes, I inspected all functions in the :mtb package;
neither of them seems to be what I am looking for.