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Genera warm boot after Mac(Ivory) restart

In reply to the message of Larry Baum:

> 3) Whenever I restart my Mac and then run Genera, it always comes up with a dialog
> box saying that enough state has been retained so that I can choose to "Restart"
> (i.e. warm boot) rather than cold boot.  This is nice of course.  However,
> invariably when I choose that option, it ends up in the debugger in the cold load
> stream; i.e. just about every active process with a window hits some sort of
> error, like TV:MOUSE-SHEET-P, or TV:READ-CHAR-NOHANG, or some such function.  I
> have to do a lot of hacking to make the warm boot succeed.  Any ideas about what
> is going on?  Any simple thing I can do to solve the problem.

We have this kind of problems here, too. *IF* you are able to return to the Genera
environment before restarting your Mac, i.e. if there was no Mac system or application
crash, then there is a way to make a Genera warm boot more likely to succeed. Use
"logout" and "Halt Machine" to leave the Ivory in a defined state, then Quit from
Genera and restart your Mac.

I admit, this is not a Mac-like procedure and it doesn't help on a Mac system crash,
but it does help in some cases. Personally, I would like to see Symbolics provide a
solution to this problem *very* soon. 


Erich Rome
Postfach 1240
D-5205 St.Augustin 1
FRG (West Germany)