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Genera warm boot after Mac(Ivory) restart

   Date: Tue, 20 Jun 89 17:59+0100
   From: unido!gmdzi!rainbow!eric@uunet.UU.NET (Erich Rome)

   We have this kind of problems here, too. *IF* you are able to
   return to the Genera environment before restarting your Mac, i.e.
   if there was no Mac system or application crash, then there is a
   way to make a Genera warm boot more likely to succeed. Use "logout"
   and "Halt Machine" to leave the Ivory in a defined state, then Quit
   from Genera and restart your Mac.

   I admit, this is not a Mac-like procedure and it doesn't help on a
   Mac system crash, but it does help in some cases. Personally, I
   would like to see Symbolics provide a solution to this problem
   *very* soon.


   Erich Rome
   Postfach 1240
   D-5205 St.Augustin 1
   FRG (West Germany)

The ECO #1 for 7.4 fixes the warm-boot problem.