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mouse handlers

What's the best way to accomplish the following?

i have a presentation-to-command-translator which has a :tester whose
purpose is to make this translate only when over a certain pane of a
dw:define-program-framework.  I therefore wish to compare the window
entering the translator with something like

 :tester ((&key window) (eq window (dw:get-program-pane 'my-pane))).

The only problem is, when the system invokes this :tester in
any other screen than my program-framework, it breaks because the pane
is unknown.  So, save the name of the pane in a variable?  Well, we only
seem to be able to do this in a global variable, which is ugly and makes
the thing non-reentrant.  I would have saved it in one of the state
variables the system maintains, but these are created at *compile* time,
when (dw:get-program-pane...) will fail.

Ideas?  (can anyone figure out what i'm saying even?!)