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mouse handlers

    Date: Tue, 20 Jun 89 19:29 EDT
    From: pc@ctt.ctt.bellcore.com (Peter Clitherow)

    i have a presentation-to-command-translator which has a :tester whose
    purpose is to make this translate only when over a certain pane of a
    dw:define-program-framework.  I therefore wish to compare the window
    entering the translator with something like

     :tester ((&key window) (eq window (dw:get-program-pane 'my-pane))).

    The only problem is, when the system invokes this :tester in
    any other screen than my program-framework, it breaks because the pane
    is unknown.

DW:GET-PROGRAM-PANE can only be used from within a program, because it
looks at the special variable DW:*PROGRAM*.

I haven't tried it, but the following seems like it should work:

	(and (boundp 'dw:*program*)
	     (typep dw:*program* 'my-program)
	     (eq window (dw:get-program-pane 'my-pane)))