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Parallel universe (really ease of use)

Henry Lieberman's comments in a recent message about need for ease of
use modifications in the Symbolics user interface is something that
I hope that Symbolics doesn't just shrug off.

I have been using Symbolics for a while now - I am comfortable in the
environment.  I cannot say this for new users.  One can take the 
arrogant attitude that "Well as new users, that's what they should
expect", or, rather, do something to improve the situation.

I think that one of the possible negative aspects of having embedded
Ivory boards in a Macintosh is that the Symbolics interface will be
held up to the Mac interface for a much closer examination than it
might have previously.  For Mac users, it will be a bath in a cold,
COLD stream.

I, like Henry, saw much at SLUG to encourage me as to the future directions
of Symbolics.  But I also agree with his comment that:

"sadly, few seemed really concerned about the growing 
complexity of the system, or cared much about making the interface
easier to learn and use."

It is a difficult problem.  If you don't win over the people who use the 
other environments, you lose.  If you dilute the environment to curry their
favor, you lose.  If you don't still have the BEST programming environment,
you lose.

I don't envy Symbolics' difficulties in the coming times.

But I hope that they, and we, can weather the storm.

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