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Mac keyboards on MacIvory

For all of you out there that would like to use a Mac keyboard on your
MacIvory, but hate using a one button mouse!!

Thanks to a suggestion by Dave Sobeck (TSSE Bay Area), we have a working 
Mac keyboard with a three button mouse.

Boot your Mac with the Mac keyboard plugged in.  Do not plug in the
ADB interface box.  After the machine is up, plug the ADB box either into
the back of the CPU or into the other side of the Mac keyboard, and plug
the Symbolics mouse into the ADB box.

One thing - we found that if you have the keyboard option turned on that 
turns the mouse button keys on the keyboard (for middle and right) into 
the actual mouse buttons (rather than shifts), considerable confusion results.
So turn this option off.

This seems to be working pretty well - I will let you know if anything weird

-randy groves - Boeing Advanced Technology Center
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