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Compiling Uncompiled Patches.

Since we've got a mixed environment (MacIvories & 36XXs) the problem of
compiling patches for the different platforms becomes a critical issue.
The MacIvories have a function called SCT:COMPILE-UNCOMPILED-PATCHES
which works great.  However, there's no counterpart for the 36XXs.

What does this mean?  If you make patches to a system from a 36XX,
MacIvory users can use the function and everything is fine.  If,
however, you make patches from a MacIvory, the 36XX users don't have an
ability to compile the patches so that they can be loaded.

All is not lost, though.  You can resume each patch from the 36XX and
re-finish it and you will have a compiled version for the 36XX.  It's a
kludge, but effective.

Hopefully, though, 7.5 will incorporate SCT:COMPILE-UNCOMPILED-PATCHES.