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Re: Parallel universe (really ease of use)

I'd have to disagree with the general tenor of this recent discussion:
I don't think a Symbolics is hard to use or learn to use at it's basic
interactive level. Oh sure, learning all the seven key chords and cokebottle
functions in the debugger take a while, but the nice thing is that every
window talks EMACS, is customizable, and orthoganal. I'm quite pleased that
this orthoganality has been increasing with the way history and search
works in release 7, proper c-x commands in zmail, and so forth. One doesn't
need to learn a new language to interact with each tool.

No, it's not a icon based interface, but show me one where I don't need
a stupid mouse and can TOUCH TYPE? Mice for macs are being made that are virtual
keyboards on a trackball, so you can easily hit all those menu abbrevs. Yuck.
and I LIKE being able to choose my window via <select> or <function> instead
of messing around trying to get my mouse to point to a buried window.

Death to mice!!
All hail hyper keys!!

Lets remember that the "average mass market" macintosh user isn't a 
software developer. And a software developer for macivory is free to
implement any UI they want to. Don't blame Symbolics if you don't like
KEE (<- a metavariable for arbitrary program, no snide comment to be