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ART Now available on the MacIvory

Contact:	Susan Zellmann-Rohrer
	Symbolics, Inc.
	(617) 221-1000

	Diane Smestad
	Sterling Hager, Inc.
	(617) 259-1400

	Trini Cemo
	Inference Corp.
	(602) 585-3066



	BURLINGTON, MASS., June 26-- Symbolics, Inc., today announced the availability 
of Inference Corporation's powerful expert system development tool,
 ART *3.2 (Automated Reasoning Tool*) on Symbolics' MacIvory* workstations.  Today's 
announcement makes available Inference's popular expert system development and delivery 
option to the users of Symbolics' recently announced Macintosh(-based workstation product.
	ART 3.2 supports the development of both decision-making and decision support 
software.   It is widely-used on a variety of popular workstations including Symbolics' 3600* 
series and provides an environment for the development and delivery of commercial 
applications in business, manufacturing and the government marketplace.
	Symbolics' MacIvory product, based on the Company's Ivory* Processor, 
converts standard Apple( Macintosh( II and IIx computer systems into high-performance 
workstations for the development and delivery of symbolic processing applications.  In 
combination with Inference Corporation's ART and Symbolics' integrated object-oriented 
software development tools, the MacIvory workstation brings high-end, expert system 
functionality to a Macintosh platform.


Symbolics and Inference
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	"A key element of Symbolics' long-term, corporate strategy is to continue our 
support of mainstream applications development utilizing artificial intelligence technology", 
said Howard Cannon, vice president of product marketing. "The availability of ART on MacIvory 
provides an industry leading expert system development tool on a widely-installed and standard 
hardware platform," he added.
	Sharing Symbolics' emphasis on supporting industry standards, President and 
Chief Executive Officer of Inference, Ted Marr said, "The availability of ART on the MacIvory is 
a further example of Inference's commitment to bringing practical and high-performance 
expert system tools to mainstream environments."

	Inference's ART on Symbolics MacIvory product is commercially available today.  
A complete development and delivery version of ART is priced at $30,000 (U.S.).
	The MacIvory integrates Symbolics' object-based operating environment, 
Genera(, with the Macintosh software environment providing a powerful development and 
delivery platform.  MacIvory is offered both as an add-in board with delivery software for 
$10,900 (U.S.) and with a fully configured 
Macintosh II delivery workstation for $23,000 (U.S.).

	Symbolics, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Mass., and with operations in 
Chatsworth, Calif., is the leading provider of symbolic processing systems used for the 
development and delivery of expert systems, computer aided software engineering (CASE), 
computer aided design and engineering (CAD/CAE) and advanced image generation and 


Symbolics and Inference
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	Los Angeles-based Inference Corporation is a leading provider of high-end 
expert system tools and professional services for developing and delivering commercial and 
engineering applications for business, industry and the government.

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Symbolics, MacIvory, Ivory and Symbolics 3600 are trademarks and Genera is a registered trademark of 
Symbolics, Inc.
Apple and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
Automated Reasoning Tool and ART are trademarks of Inference Corporation.