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Back on-line

I have returned after an extended trip following SLUG-89.  I apologize
to anyone having trouble reaching me as pan@athena etc. by DIALnet in
that time; our idle site here was shut down, rather than have machines
sometimes unattended in the wake of many thunderstorms and power
outages. (However, Mabry Tyson, SLUG Intermet coordinator, kindly
captured mail addressed to me as slug-president, or normal receipts via
slug@ai.sri.com, so for those I am up-to-date.)

There is some further business in the wake of SLUG-89 at MIT, including
voting of Officers by the newly-elected board of SLUG for 89-90. I will
report on these matters shortly.

I invite a dialog on the pluses and minuses of SLUG-89.

Paul Pangaro
on behalf of the
National Symbolics LISP Users' Group
(currently "acting" slug-president@ai.sri.com)