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New Ultrix RTAPE server

I've completed the fixes necessary to allow the Ultrix RTAPE server,
which I made available in the SLUG Library, to run in Ultrix 3.0 (using
the previous version in the new Ultrix release would crash the system --
so much for upward compatibility).  Only one file needed modification,
and I'm making this available via anonymous FTP.  You can login to
Think.COM with the user name "anonymous", giving your name as the
password, and then take /public/in.rtape.c.  If you don't have access to
the Internet, send me mail and I'll email a copy to you.

I'm only making this one file available in this way; if you don't
already have SLUG Library Tape #3 then this modified file is of no use
to you.  If you want the entire package you'll have to go through the
SLUG Library (once we get a new librarian).

Note that if you are still using Ultrix 2.2 I think you must still use
the old version of this.  I have no idea whether the new one works in
the previous Ultrix release, but I doubt it.