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Symbolics Service Issues

Mr. Ron Derry, Symbolics Vice President, Operations, would like to
personally hear commentary from users on issues regarding Customer
Service.  The mailing list
Symbolics-Service-Issues@stony-brook.scrc.symbolics.com has been
established to facilitate this communication.  Mail to this address goes
directly to Mr. Derry's office.  To provide some corporate context,
Symbolics Hardware and Software Support organizations both report to the
director of Customer Service (Mr. Hilgenberg), who in turn reports to
Mr.  Derry.

With the present message, we also would like to invite a related
(E-mail) discussion among users (slug), focused on Symbolics Service
issues. Among other things, Symbolics is interested in user's opinions
on how the cost of Symbolics maintenance could be reduced.

Reza Seddigh