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VT200 emulator available?

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    Date: Fri, 7 Jul 89 09:22 EDT
    From: Michael Haynie <mbh@GEMSBOK.wisdom.dialnet.symbolics.com>
    Subject: VT200 emulator available?
    To: haag@slug.dialnet.symbolics.com
    Message-ID: <19890707132203.5.MBH@GEMSBOK.wisdom.dialnet.symbolics.com>

    Do you know of a VT200 emulator in the SLUG library, or know of someone who has one?

Don't know of one in the Library, but I will ask around.

    Where is SLUG these days? does anyone know?

I don't understand the context of these questions. SLUG is everywhere,
existing as it does in the formal and informal associations of users who
share experiences, hacks, and a common voice in dealing with Symbolics.
E.g., we just had our 5th Annual International Meeting at MIT in June.
E.g., this message you sent to "haag", which may be Michael Haag, in an
effort to get an needed answer. I know where to reach Michael in
Cambridge; let me know if you think he has an answer for you.

This is what I know. Do you really want details, or is the question more