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dialnet without autoanswer

    Date: Tue, 11 Jul 89 17:17:02 PDT
    From: KARNICKY@KL.SRI.COM (Joe Karnicky)

    In one of our Varian divisions, the site (a SUN network) is connected
    to uucp mail without providing autoanswer.  Periodically, our site
    server dials up an outside node at SUN Microsystems and checks for
    mail.  This makes security-conscious people happy.  I am interested in
    doing this with dialnet.  I seem to remember seeing a description of
    this somewhere but I can't find it in the on-line documentation.  Any
    clues?  Is this something I can do using the

You can say "Autoanswer: No" in the namespace object for the host, under
the modem options.  Here is the peripheral description on my host which
describes the modem:

    Peripheral: MODEM UNIT 2 BAUD 1200 MODEL CDS-224 PHONE-NUMBER 14158631484 AUTOANSWER Yes

Merely change the "AUTOANSWER" to "No": this will prevent creation of the
dialnet answering process, without which no incoming connection attempts
will be accepted.

There is a way to disable autoanswer directly on the modem as well, at
least on the CDS modems (probably for others as well), which Symbolics
doesn't do (but you could easily modify the start-up code to take do it).