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Summary of preferable file server configurations: MacIvory as file server

Before "investing in a faster Nubus disk interface card" I would talk to someone
who has used one.  We have not tested these at Symbolics and have no particular
reason to think either that they are faster or that they work at all.  Also Bill
Gooch's comments about 8 MB NuBus RAM are incorrect, as 16MB fits in one NuBus

I still wouldn't use a MacIvory as a file server for any kind of heavy use,
as no matter how you configure the hardware the disk I/O will be slower than
other machines designed to be used as file servers, and the tape backup is
extremely slow.  Also the ethernet interface does not work well under heavy
load.  This is all partly due to the Macintosh hardware and to a larger
extent due to the Macintosh software (so ask again next year when Apple has
come out with Mac OS release 7, it may be better).  I in fact do use a
MacIvory as a file server for light use (single user in fact), so I can
testify that it does work.  My main file server is an XL400 now and that works