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Summary of preferable file server configurations

    Date: Thu, 13 Jul 89 11:00:00 cdt
    From: bcsaic!HUNTSAI!rodney@beaver.cs.washington.edu (Rodney Daughtrey)

    1[Text deleted.]

0	 William D. Gooch writes: 

	      If you're going to use a MacI for file service, you should 
	      invest in a faster Nubus disk interface card.  The native disk 
	      interface is known to be quite slow, and disk i/o is the major 
	      bottleneck in MacIvory systems.  

We haven't yet qualified any of the SCSI accelerator boards for
MacIvory.  Unless the board completely replace the on board SCSI
interface and is transparent at the software level, it won't work with a
MacIvory.  Even if it does, it still may not improve disk I/O

	      Unfortunately, this means you'll be forced either to use only 8 
	      Mbyte Nubus RAM for the Ivory (leading to increased paging), 

This isn't true.  The National Semiconductor NS-8/16 board that we use
for NuBus memory holds 16MB when configured with its optional
									   or to
	      get a Nubus expansion chassis to hold more.  

We've tried the SecondWave NuBus expansion box which, I believe, is the
only such box on the market.  Due to limitations of the Macintosh OS and
the nature of MacIvory, you can't use such an expansion box with
MacIvory at this time.  (I expect this incompatibility to be removed
when Apple releases System Software 7.0 sometime next year.)

							   (This is in reference
	      to a vanilla Mac II; if there are models with more Nubus slots,

There are no Macintosh systems with more than 6 slots.

	      you'd be better off using one of them.)

    Thanks to all who responded.


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