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NuBus Boards Take Two Slots?

No, I just got yet another set of NSC boards and they still fit in one
slot.  However, the clearance is tight:  When we swapped MacIvory 1s for
MacIvory 2s, if the double NSC board was next to the MacIvory, a screw
on the corner of the MacIvory would catch under a capacitor on the NSC
daughterboard.  The quick fix was to put a thin board (i.e., monitor or
ethernet) next to the MacIvory.  I suggested to our rep that Symbolics
shorten the screws by about 0.1" on that side of the board.  MacIvory 1
and 2 boards have the same length screws.

Paul Suhler
Hybrid Dataflow Systems
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center